Going Golfing at Tahoma Middle School

I had the opportunity to teach golf to 6th and 7th graders at Tahoma Middle School in October.  Carissa Simmons from Merdian Vally Country Club was my partner in crime to teach all of these kids.  We worked with their PE Teacher Lenae Wainscott to find dates that would work for Carissa and I to take over their PE class and teach the kids the game we love. We used SNAG equipment to teach the kids. This equipment only has 2 clubs, the launcher and the roller, and we used velcro sticky targets and tennis balls! SNAG equipment can be used indoors and is very colorful and makes it super fun for the kids.  We were able to teach all the kids twice and give them quite a bit of information about golf!

Golf was introduced in the PE Class as an exploratory unit. It’s such a different sport from the traditional teams sports that are taught in Middle School PE. Golf is a sport you can play by yourself and you can play your entire life.

The Western Washington Chapter has over 400 PGA Professionals in the area from Bellingham to Vancouver and over to Suncadia. All of us are qualified to teach, if you would like to have golf introduced at your kids school, please contact me and I can put you in touch with a PGA Professional in your area. Our chapter provides all of the equipment and there is no cost to the school.

Carissa and I were able to share our story with the President of the PGA – Derek Sprague. He was in town for our Section Meeting and we were so excited to tell him about our opportunity to grow the game. Golf can be so fun and these kids love the color in the gym when they walked into class and had a blast hitting the balls over the wrestling matts!