Learn the Game of Golf

Tailored plans for your skill level, goals and budget.

How We Work For You;With You

Student-Driven Teaching

Golf lessons are vital to improvement, but they have to work with goals, schedules and budgets. Before beginning a lesson plan, we evaluate each aspect of your current situation including mental, long and short games. We are able to hone in, specifically, on where you are losing your most strokes and what areas you can benefit most from improvements. We believe creating a quality golf lesson structure is as intricate as the golf swing itself.

Instruction Variety

Just like a normal workout, your body (and mind, for that matter) can become accustomed to one type of training. From the traditional to the cutting edge, we pride ourselves on using a variety of training methods. As experienced PGA Teaching Professionals, we have worked with golfers ranging from 2 years old to 92 years old, newbies to touring pros. We are focused on taking your golf to the next level, no matter what that may be.

Lessons for All Levels

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to golf. Each of us possess different strengths and weaknesses, as well as different learning styles. It is our job to understand your goals and build a training program to fit. When building individualized programs, we take into account your starting point, ultimate goals, frequency/availability.


What do you love about golf? What is your favorite club? Our goal is to determine the teaching method that works best for you to help you have more fun on the golf course. From there, we build a customized program to achieve your goals.

Private Lessons
On-Course Coaching
Group Coaching
Technology (GCQuad) Lessons


Ever wonder how your husband can spend a whole day at the course? Fall in love with golf with the help of our fun tools and women-focused teaching methods. We help women golfers become aware of who they are and how to play their best.

Couples Clinics
Operation 36 for Ladies


Teaching kids the game of golf provides a head start to understanding the rollercoaster of life. Our teaching methods focus on the fundamentals and fun; assisting juniors to find where the game of golf fits into their life.

Future 36ers/Birdie Basics
Long Term Development Program

Adults: Open to All!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just picking up the game, preparing for a golf vacation or trying to cut a few strokes off the weekend rounds. Griffin Golf will help isolate your top areas for improvement and help you overcome those aspects.

  • Individual Lessons
  • $150
  • Series of 3
  • $300
  • 90-Minute Playing Lesson
  • $200

Juniors: Ages 6-17

Griffin Golf has extensive experience working with junior golfers of all ages. We are equipped to help your golfer gain a competitive edge, preparing for competition, and getting the most of out of this life-long game.

  • Individual Lessons
  • $85
  • Series of 3
  • $225
  • 90-Minutes Playing Lesson
  • $125

Group & Semi-Private: 2-6 people

Don’t go it alone! Husbands and wives, friends, the random person you were paired with on the course last weekend…get together for a fun and budget-friendly golf lesson option. Semi-Private – 2/3 people. Group – 4-6 people.

  • Semi-Private Single Lesson
  • $60 each/lesson
  • Group Lesson
  • $40 each/lesson
  • Series of 3 Group or Semi-Private Lessons
  • 10% Off Regular Rate

What Are You Waiting “Fore”?

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