Operation 36

Operation 36 will get your junior on the right path to success on the golf course.

The Operation 36 framework is used by golf facilities across the nation and consists of parents, coaches and juniors all working towards the goal of shooting par or better for 9 holes! Curious? Check out this video summary of the Operation 36.

What To Expect

Enroll and receive an Op36 Bag Tag and profile in our Op36 Academy Mobile App
Platform consists of 6 levels and 72 total objectives
Juniors demonstrate objectives to coaches to earn badges, and will track progress in the mobile app.
Achievements are tracked in a social activity feed and points are earned for completing objectives, and playing/practicing outside of class.
To graduate from the Academy the juniors must progress through all 6 levels and ultimately shoot par or better for 9 holes from their full tee box based on age!
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