What a way to grow the game of golf… we have introduced golf to over 1600 children this winter through the Golf in Schools Program provided by the Western Washington Chapter of the PGA. A great way to spend our time while our GRIFFIN Golf studio was coming together.

Chris and I shared our passion of golf at Tahoma Middle School, All Saints Catholic School and Cedar River Middle School. We invited some special guests at Cedar River Middle School to accommodate the larger class sizes and to help other PGA Professionals understand how to get the Golf in Schools Program started. Tony Robydek, Meadow Park Golf Course Director of Instruction and J.T. Perrine, Assistant Golf Professional at Sudden Valley came to help us along with Emma and Morgan. Nothing better than having your children come teach other children and see what they were like! A wonderful learning experience all around.

All of the PE Teachers we worked with were amazing and made the experience great for us and their students. They are the key to making it all work. PE Teachers know the kids and the schedule. We have made some great friendships with them and look forward to teaching golf to their classes each year.

If any PGA professionals are interested in teaching Golf in Schools, feel free to contact us. We will help you get it going and are happy to share our experience with you. If you have a contact at a Elementary School or Middle School, get a hold of their PE Teacher and let them know you have the knowledge and the equipment to teach their students golf.

If you are a parent and want someone to teach golf to your child in their PE Class, contact your PE Teacher and have them get a hold of a PGA Professional in the area and they will be happy to teach them.

Enjoy some pictures from our experiences this winter… There is nothing better than seeing the excitement on a students face when they hit a good shot that they didn’t believe was possible. Making golf fun for kids is an incredible experience.

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