Griffin Golf Says Thank You!

The creation of our golf studio would not have been possible without the help of many people. It’s amazing to think when one door closes you have failed, but when you walk in faith, beautiful things can happen. Thank you to our family for supporting us every step of the way. We are lucky to have an accountant in the family who has been patient with us in creating our business. There is nothing better than having your family be proud of what you’ve created and believe you will succeed. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

We are fortunate to have some amazing friends both near and far who never doubted that we would continue to share our passion for golf with others.   These people held us up during our transition period and helped us believe ANYTHING is POSSIBLE: The Plancich’s, Britney Thurber, The Malby’s, The Thornton’s, Monte Koch & Family, The Kokich Family, Scott Overbo & The Lackey Family

Those who helped create our studio:

The process has been a crazy one and we have learned a great deal. When we decided to create an LLC on November 3, it was the start of our vision becoming real. From choosing a name that was actually trademarked and having to pay to drop PGA from our name to ordering nets in the dead of winter that took over 10 weeks to receive, back ordered projectors, electrical rewiring, cable installation nightmares, painting, carpeting, cleaning, technical difficulties, square for business, checking accounts, business Visa, social media accounts, website construction, the list is endless and we will continue to learn…

To stand back and look at our studio is quite shocking at times that we did it. We love spending time there and sharing it with everyone.

Our partnership with High Cedars has been incredible and we have met a great deal of new people from Enumclaw, Orting, Graham and many other areas. GRIFFIN Golf is off the ground and we are continuing to learn more and more each day! Hopefully we didn’t miss anyone in our list, but I am sure that we did – we are human! Thank you again for all of your support and we look forward to helping you enjoy golf more this season and help you create what is possible for your golf game.