Bandon Dunes 2018 a trip to remember for various reasons…

Things you need to know when going on a golf trip – Be sure to understand the competition and whom you’re playing against. Know what match play means, know the etiquette on the golf course when and where to ground your club, know what lateral hazards are. If there is an opportunity to take a caddy be sure to take a caddy, they will help you immensely and save you soooo many strokes and headache. When I go on a golf trip it’s more about meeting new people and developing new relationships while enjoying the scenery and playing some of my favorite golf courses. Some people you play with will be super competitive while others are out there to have a good time be sure to be respectful of everyone’s opinions and do your best to make the most of each situation!

The last competitive round I played was in the middle of October in 2017. I don’t believe I hit many golf balls leading up to the Mayor’s Cup and I just completed playing four rounds of challenging golf at Bandon Dunes. The four courses at Bandon provide such different surroundings, conditions, atmosphere, aesthetic look that it makes it quite challenging for anyone who’s never seen it before. Our first round was at Bandon Dunes, the course that has always had my number. I managed to shoot 80 which is the lowest I’ve ever had out there and really leaned on my Vision54 golf skills. Since I hadn’t played or practiced a ton leading up to this event I relied on being committed to something in regards to balance, tempo or tension. Tension of 3 out of 4 is a go to for me because it is something I can stay committed to and feel throughout my entire golf swing from start to finish, until the ball falls out of the sky. Balance is always another good playing focus. I always try to feel balance in my feet throughout my whole foot maybe even a little towards my toes. Feeling a low center of gravity is another good one that keeps me committed throughout the swing. I am very grateful for all of the tools I have learned through being a student and going back as a Coach to Vision54! Be A Player is by far the best read and such a great resource for any golfer…

Golf is funny, sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. Our first match was against two brothers one from Northern Cal one from Southern Cal. These two boys enjoy spending a few days at Bandon together. Talk about seeing DHEA in action… it’s pretty impressive to watch them play golf when they are in their happy place. I don’t believe the McCray brothers lost a match this year and they played some phenomenal golf – it was super fun to watch.

Our second round was an emotional one… Chris and I got to play against each other and it was also what would have been his mom’s 70th birthday. We brought Pat & Al’s ashes with us and planned to spread them out on Pacific Dunes at holes #4 and #13 where they will have a view of the Pacific Ocean forever. I found myself incredibly emotional throughout the round and did my best to meet myself where I was in regards to happiness or sadness and just let the tears flow when needed. This round proved it really doesn’t matter what you commit to as long as you are committed. I found one thing I was committed to was how much I knew Pat loved her son Chris and how much he loves his mom. The love story that Pat and Al created is one we will all miss very much. It was a tough day to be resilient, but I did my best and let the emotions flow. I didn’t hit enough greens to stay competitive against my husband but it was a great round to celebrate an amazing woman on what would’ve been her 70th birthday at our favorite golf course. We will enjoy visiting them when we return to Pacific Dunes, a little piece of heaven.

Round three was a fun one at Old Mac. Mother nature brought us a little bit of everything throughout the round. We got to play with David and Patrick and had a fabulous time sharing each other’s flasks.  We saw some beautiful rainbows and enjoyed each other’s company while playing one of the golf courses with the biggest greens you will ever see. Despite having nine 3 putts and struggling to stay positive throughout the round we managed to score a few points. Chris teed off an hour and a half ahead of us because he had to catch a flight out of Eugene at 7 PM to go caddy for Andres in the Bahamas. I can’t recall the last time we were separated for more than two weeks, again I found myself struggling with emotional resilience. They say sometimes a good cry is always needed and I sure got my fair share the last couple days.

The Mayor’s Cup has many wonderful men that participate in the event and they’re all very caring and wonderful. Patrick and I had a great chat about death/loss around the fireplace in the evening and enjoyed some good laughs while sharing some memories. Chris traveled all night and safely made it to the Bahamas and round four began for me at Bandon Trails playing with two dear friends Richard and Steve. As usual I was running to the tee almost missing my tee time not realizing it had been bumped from 9 o’clock to 8:50. Thankfully the wonderful staff brought my breakfast sandwich to the 1st tee so I could eat. Mother nature was very kind to us at Bandon Trails, I always enjoy the tree-lined holes and views of the lakes throughout the round. Even though my partner and I didn’t win a match we had a fabulous time enjoying Bandon Dunes for the Mayor’s Cup in 2018.

As a teacher and coach I learned I need to have my players better prepared for an event they have never experienced before. I love sharing with the people I play with how much VISION54 has helped my golf and inspired me to play. I look forward to expanding our business and Academy for people to keep learning more and more about how to enjoy their golf more.