This event is one of our favorites for so many reasons. It was a very special weekend for us, being able to honor Chris’ mom and step-dad after their tragic death last November. Thank you to so many who donated to the Folds of Honor in Pat and Al’s memory.

The Washington Open is our first major of the year in the Pacific Northwest Section of the PGA. Chris’ mom and step dad never missed this event. We felt it very fitting to be able to do something in conjunction with this event for them. Meridian Valley has always been a very special place to all of us and we appreciate the support we received from the staff and the members. It was an emotional evening for many who did not know what had happened. A big thank you to all who helped coordinate the presentation of the check to a very special family.

Life is precious and we are very grateful for every day we have on this earth. We hope people appreciate the moments they have with each other and never stop making memories. Pat and Al would be very pleased with the memories we are making with GRIFFIN Golf. It has been a true blessing for us. We never know the road we will take, but we all have to enjoy the journey!