What an incredible experience!!! It’s always an adventure with us, but this one was quite entertaining. After completing a PGA Junior League U13 practice and U16 match at Meridian Valley, we rushed to Sea-Tac to catch an 8:50 flight to Newark! After arriving safely in Newark we began our trek to the Hamptons… First was New Jersey Transit to Penn Station, the Long Island Rail Road to Shinnecock with a transfer at Jamaica! We landed at 4:45 a.m. and got off the train on the newly built platform at Shinnecock at 9 a.m.! Thanks to Jason Stockton we were staying only 0.7 miles from the golf course so we wandered down the street to our home for the next 2 nights!

Took a nice shower and put some clean clothes on before Michael arrived at 10:30 to take us to the course! We came in hot to the parking lot and little did I know we valet the car… We started walking through the entrance and up over the bridge and there was the clubhouse, putting green, Tiger and everything. I was not prepared to see it all so fast and was completely overwhelmed. Then we got to see the trophy up close and personal and enjoyed some food in Player dining!!! Thanks Michael.

After hanging on the range for a bit we headed to the 10th tee and played the back 9 with Tony Finau! So fun to walk inside the ropes and get an up close and personal look at the track. I still can’t get over how small the surfaces were on the green to put hole locations and how severe some of the hills were. It was great fun to watch Michael play from all sorts of places and interact with him and Tony. Getting to chat with Boyd Summerhays is always a highlight and we shared lots of stories about golf and our kids!

After 9 holes we were back in for more food and then out to the front side for a few more holes. What a treat to be able to see what Shinnecock was really like. #2 should definitely have been a Par 4 and we would have no chance of reaching the fairway on #3! Just insane how fast the greens were already and it was only Tuesday!

After a fantastic day on the course we headed into town for some food. Little did we know our 2.4 mile drive back to the house would take us 45 minutes, so we headed to Michael’s house instead! Getting to see a house in the Hampton’s was quite a treat – 2 guest houses, pool house, life size chess game, trampoline built into the ground, immaculate landscaping with lights shining on all the trees – just stunning. We were all fading fast since we flew all night and were ready for our pillow!

Wednesday we had a lazy morning and enjoyed the rain at Shinnecock. Being in Player Dining while all of the players were in there was very fun for me. Seeing Dustin, Rory, Rickie, Justin, Jordan, Beef, etc. I so enjoyed being in their presence!  We finally headed out to the range and played a few more holes in the rain before calling it a day. Off to the merchandise tent!!! Enjoyed a few more cocktails in Player Dining and then home to BBQ and tell stories with Eric, Jason and Brian! We were solving the worlds problems and creating more for Griffin Golf!

Thursday ¬†morning came quickly with the alarm going off at 4:35 a.m. We walked in the gates just before 6 and met Michael on the range! So fun to be there experiencing the first tee of the U.S. Open! We walked the round with Michael and enjoyed watching him hang in there and hit many quality shots with some great up and downs. It was a very challenging day out there and was only going to get more difficult in the afternoon! After Michael finished, Kyle was just warming up! Chris hung with Kyle for a bit before he teed off right in front of Tiger. I loved seeing the chaos and madness that all the people created. All they want is a glimpse of Tiger! We managed to watch Kyle play his first 11 holes and then we headed back to the house to pack up and begin our journey back home…

A quick shower before we walked back to the train and headed to Penn Station at 8:40 p.m. We left Penn Station at 12:20 a.m. and finally sat down in the terminal at Newark airport about 1 a.m. for our 7 a.m. flight! Who knew airports would be cold… we landed back in Seattle around 11 a.m. and made it to High Cedars for another U16 PGA Junior League match! We definitely pack it all in and make sure we don’t miss a beat!

Such and incredible experience being with Michael at the U.S. Open – watching Jordan hit balls, seeing Tiger up close and personal on the range and chipping area. Hearing Phil bitch about the golf course after round 1 – no wonder he lost his mind on Saturday… Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thanks Michael…