Epic Trip to Scotland – Part 2: Gullane/North Berwick

Part 2 of our amazing trip to Scotland continues…

Round 5 was at North Berwick with our caddy Dave. What a crazy piece of land with unbelieveble undulation and gorgeous views of the sea. Who needs to play Pebble Beach when you can play North Berwick. We played in 3 hours and 35 minutes, just the 3 of us.  So fun to play this great course again. We had to go back to The Old Clubhouse for dinner and reminisce about 6 years ago. We stayed at a lovely little apartment right by the beach in down town North Berwick – a great find on Airbnb.

We enjoyed a fast round of golf as a threesome – Greg rested his knee for Muirfield!

Another poorly placed bunker after a perfect drive!

Amazing views from every hole on this course!

Monica got it up and down from here!

Griff size flag!


Round 6 was at Muirfield with our caddies Tommy and Campbell – just an amazing piece of property and such a difficult golf course. Perfectly placed bunkers and challenging in length. It was a wee bit foggy in the morning, but so incredible to see the piece of property. 6 years ago we never had the opportunity to look up since it was raining and blowing sideways. There are doing quite the remodel project on the clubhouse and they say they are creating a very nice women’s locker room – hopefully we will be back again to check it out! We got very lucky that there was a cancelation and our schedule was flexible enough to make it work… Perry Golf is a fantastic company to work with. They are very connected! We had dinner at The Grange and loved it. Crazy good food with amazing gourmet hot dogs! The phrase ‘hot dogged it’ was used quite often whenever someone got the ball within 2 feet of the hole!

Rather spectacular place… even if they don’t care for chicks who play golf!

It was hard to drag my trolley through this rough all day… damn weeds!

Muirfield is such a challenging golf course. Nice to see the entire piece of property this time!

The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers – bug coming in for a landing…

another bench picture with Gullane in the back ground!

Just love walking into this place… G.O.L.F. gentleman only ladies forbidden

Unreal hotdog – fantastic presentation and quite tasty as well – The Grange!

Round 7 was at Gullane Golf Club with our caddy Neil! So glad we got to play this course this time. Unreal views and a great hike up and down. Excited to watch the Scottish Open there this year. We couldn’t have timed our round any better with the weather. About 20 minutes after we finished and were enjoying a cold beverage in Rickie’s Bar the skies opened up and dumped rain! Everyone was taken off the course for about 30 minutes, but it didn’t bother us! Dinner in downtown North Berwick at Zito’s, an Italian wine bar and then off to the Golf House to watch more golf!

Yes – dogs are welcome…

Wow -this view took my breath away! You can see Muirfield from the 7th tee of Gullane.

Such a fun foursome – we love playing together!

#9 at Gullane was the creation for #7 at Pebble! Amazing Par 3 and gotta love the trolley…

Love that they left these up from the war…

Every Par 3 had this in the cup!

The views are incredible!

Our final round #8 was at Dunbar Golf Club with our caddy Paul. The entire course was along the coast and just so gorgeous! I got in trouble for not paying more attention to golf and taking too many pictures. It was great fun and we loved seeing all the people golfing with their dogs on a leash tied to their trolley! We had to have dinner back at The Grange since it was so great the first time.

So fun to travel the world and play golf with this dear friend!

Not so Griff size flag… shocking he stacked it on this hole!

Wow – who knew the views could get better each round!

Monica got to ring the bell!

Fantastic logo and awesome golf course. Dunbar is definitely a must play!

Oh yes, another hot dog at The Grange!

Bonaffee Pie – YUM 🙂

As you can see we had a fantastic time and couldn’t have had better weather. We loved our experience in Scotland and will definitely be planning a trip for our students to go travel with us and play golf! Who knows we may end up back at Carnoustie for The Open Championship