Tiger Woods walks with the crowd on No. 18 en route to winning No. 80

"I kept telling the cops, ‘As long as they don’t trample us, let ’em keep comin’.’ Why not?” -Joe LaCavaWow. 🐅

Posted by PGA TOUR on Monday, September 24, 2018

It was amazing to see the craziness Tiger created by being in contention and finally winning after 5 years of life happening. It was such an incredible  experience to see the reaction to Tiger Woods winning his 80th PGA tournament after 1,876 days.

I remember seeing Tiger for the first time when he was a freshman at Stanford, Chris remembers him playing in the PNGA Amateur at Royal Oaks – he has always been impressive and inspiring. Seeing him at Shinnecock was crazy too. He played right behind Kyle the first 2 rounds and watching all of the people trying to catch a glimpse of Tiger Woods was nuts. We can only imagine what it was like for Kyle to play right in front of him on Sunday!

We have the privilege of coaching golfers from all ages and abilities – Future 36ers, Operation 36, PGA Junior League, High School golfers, College golfers at all levels of the NCAA, aspiring tour professionals, web.com tour professionals, a player who is ranked 27th in the world and everyone in-between, they ALL know who Tiger Woods is and will be celebrating this win and his incredible comeback! 

Golf is hard! Over the past 2 weeks we have played 7 competitive rounds of golf – I had a couple of 4 putts, didn’t break 80 for two rounds and worried about what others would say about me. I need to take some of my own medicine and follow the advice I give other players. Stay committed, stay patient and find the good in any golf shot! I also hosted/coached a Division III college event while watching the FedEx Cup Playoffs and wondered what would happen during the Tour Championship. It’s crazy what we all do under pressure and so fun to see who rises to the top. To see what happened when Tiger won was unreal. The energy around East Lake was electric and even though I was sitting in the restaurant at Lake Spanaway, I felt like I was there! Everyone was glued to the television watching Tiger in red on Sunday! It didn’t matter that the Seahawks were on another tv or anything – we all were watching Tiger win #80… 80 wins on the PGA Tour – that is impressive. I am sure you know all the stats on him, but I just wanted to say thank you to Tiger for inspiring so many people to want to play golf!!!

Without Tiger’s support of golf, who knows if Chris and I could create Griffin Golf. Tiger makes people excited about golf and believe that anything is possible. He is so well respected by many and has done so much for the game. I am truly grateful for Tiger and all that he does for golf. I doubt he will ever see this, but just wanted to throw it out there for others to enjoy. We are curious how many people went to the golf course today, played golf, bought something new for their golf game – TIGER inspires!

Congratulations TIGER on win #80! So impressive. Thanks for bringing such amazing chaos to this sport and for inspiring so many young golfers to take up the game. The amount of respect that is given towards you is beautiful. To see all the players waiting for you to walk to the scoring area was unreal. Love the respect that is created between competitors, especially in this sport! To see you smile the way you do shows so much life and possibility regardless of what you have been through.

Thank you for looking like a bad ass walking to the golf course – love the hat backwards and the shades on! When life hits rock bottom, what are YOU going to do? Never stop dreaming, work hard and keep grinding!!!

Golf is in a great place and this week will not disappoint – be sure to watch the Ryder Cup in France. No doubt it will be another exciting weekend of golf. Tiger is one of the many reasons we love golf and watching his 80th win at the Tour Championship was special!

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