Why Take Winter Off?

With our studio facilities, you don’t have to!

Griffin Golf Winter 2020 Program

This winter program is designed for us to see our students once a week for 12 weeks and keep them golfing during the not so nice months in the Pacific Northwest. Each student will get 6 private lessons and 6 planned practice sessions with a coach along with a Titleist Performance Institute Assessment from Carissa and how your body moves and any physical limitations that might  need addressed to help you improve your golf swing! The student can pick a day and time that works for them to come each week or we can have some flexibility in scheduling as well, whatever works with your family. If your student wants more practice beyond the once a week, we suggest getting a Practice Program punch card for 10 hour long sessions in the studio for them to come practice on their own! We have designed the program for 1, 2 or 3 people as long as they all come together.

The Importance of Year-Round Play

“Living in Washington means you’re experiencing some rough, wet months of golf. If you are looking to be competitive come spring, our facilities make it easy to continually improve and be ready for the spring golf season. Even for those who aren’t entering competitive play, a few months off can negatively affect the strides you’ve made with your game.” – Chris Griffin


Winter Play & Practice

Available January – March. All coaches.

  • 6 private lessons
  • 6 planned practice sessions (Indoor Studio access)
  • TPI Assessment

Adults Private – $600
Adults Semi-Private (2) – $450/person
Adult Group (3) – $390/person

Juniors Private – $450
Junior Semi-Private (2) – $337.50/person
Junior Group (3) – $292.50/person

Mini Winter Program

Available January – March.

  • 3 Private lessons
  • 3 Planned practice sessions (Indoor Studio access)
  • TPI Assessment

Adults Private – $400
Juniors Private – $300

Winter Practice Program

Available January – March.

  • 10-hour punchcard


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